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What is it about?

Step 1

You create an account that is (and will always be) entirely free. You will then be given access to exclusive training that will present you with all the most important information about making money online.

Step 2

You choose one of the great variety of affiliate programs available on MyLead that you want to promote. The affiliate network allows you to choose from several dozen different categories. If you have a problem with choosing a campaign, we will be happy to help you.

Step 3

You generate your unique affiliate link and receive money for every action the client performs on your recommendation. The MyLead affiliate network allows you to receive up to USD 2400 per client.

Step 4

You start promoting affiliate programs. The MyLead affiliate network allows you to promote them wherever you want to - on your websites, in social media, or Internet forums. The way of promotion depends solely on your idea.

Step 5

The MyLead affiliate network allows you to conveniently withdraw your earned money at any time to your bank account or one of the popular online wallets. Congratulations, you get your money without leaving home!

Why is it worth it?


You promote the largest

Allegro? Lacoste? Amazon? Yes - from now on, these are your advertisers whose products you can promote and earn.


You're gonna earn on everything

On MyLead you will find over 2000 different products and services. Whether you have a beauty Instagram account or an ant breeding blog in Asia - you will surely find a suitable product to promote.


Natural approach

The number of products ensures that your audience will never feel the effect of "intrusive advertising". You will always present to them something related to their expectations and interests. You'll earn money and gain the recognition of your fans at the same time.


Bonuses for your fans

You can count on unique bonuses and discount codes for your recipients. These bonuses are not available to the general public - they are only available to a specific group of people like you.


No profit limit

Small budgets and limits from advertisers? Forget it! On MyLead, you will earn without limits, and we will send you all the money you earn.


Full support

On MyLead, a team of marketing experts is at your service. Together with you, they will prepare an idea for a promotional campaign, and help you to conduct it effectively and naturally.


Transparent settlements

Money for each client. Possibility to order a withdrawal every day, also on weekends. Problem-free invoicing. It's MyLead.


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What can I promote?

We will gladly show you the products that you can promote right now.

What kind of business are you in?

If you're dealing with several, choose the most important one.


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We have 1457 products* perfectly suited to your customers!

*Remember that this is only a proposal and a small part of the products to promote. We have many more of these for you. It is you who decide about promoting services - you don't have to promote any specific campaigns.

What can you do with us?

A better question would be, what can't you do with us? Your imagination is the limit because you can promote MyLead products in many different ways. Here are the most popular ones.



The most obvious form of promotion. Recommending a specific product to your customers, which is the same as you have done so far. With a small difference that you earn money on these referrals.



"Best 8 shampoos for hair breakage" or "TOP 11 holiday destinations" are content you can create based on products from MyLead.



For example, you can personally test the product from an online store, whose services you want to recommend.



"How to win a new tank in World of Tanks?" or "Where to get the best loan from?" are just a few tips you can give your audience together with adding MyLead services to your content.



These are just the most popular examples of the use of affiliate marketing by influencers. If you have other ideas for promotion, just use them.

Why MyLead?



of influencers making money with us



users registered on the platform



Our users come from exactly that number of places


4,5 million

dollars paid to our users straight to their accounts

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It's time to join our ranks and make the most of your abilities


We cooperate with many

Many creators you know have talked and written about us.


Biznesmen proves that making money with MyLead is easy

Karol Kaleta is the creator of over 100 thousand subscriptions. He repeatedly talks about MyLead and the possibilities of generating profit with us. He also earns by promoting products and services from MyLead.

Watch the video

Daniel Ortega mentions MyLead as a great place to make money

Daniel Ortega, who already has over 120,000 subscriptions and many followers in Poland, talks about making money over the Internet and points out the possibility of using MyLead.

Watch the video

BeerMoneyForum uses MyLead to make money.

BeerMoneyForum - a YouTube creator with 20,000 faithful viewers, uses the products and services available on MyLead in his projects. He describes everything in his online diaries, in which MyLead appears repeatedly.

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Influencers' FAQ

Does my reach matter?

Absolutely not! You can be both a huge creator with millions of followers and a beginner influencer. It doesn't matter at all.

Is that legal? How do I know if it works?

Of course, it's legal. MyLead is a Polish company from Poznan, 100% based on Polish capital. We have been in the industry since 2014 and have won many awards, including the "Rising Star" award at Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe. We have already paid out 4,5 million dollars to our users.

How can I get my money?

You can withdraw your money from USD 20, and you can do it whenever you want after reaching this amount. Your money will be sent in a maximum of 14 working days to a bank account or one of the popular online payment systems - it is you who decide.

You already know everything. It's time to join us and make money

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